Aerial heartbeat identification
designed to locate stock, predators, and persons of interest.


Bio-identifiication & manipulation is the future and it's happening now.


We are a technology startup developing bio security using sinus rhythm tracking systems to future -proof  the meat and livestock industries, military, and security services around the globe.  Soon, our solutions and registered licensed pilots will become a normal part of agriculture as the farm tractor and a soldier to the military, and the industries globally will be changed forever.

We are incorporating hydrogen & onboard charging systems to improve flight endurance.
We have made an ongoing commitment to technology development and service delivery improvements.



Heartbeat Detection Applications


Cropping Solutions


Multiple Data Outputs Available


Optical Imagery


  • Aerial imaging and 3D mapping
  • Topographic surveying
  • Plant counting/plant density
  • Field layouts/ infrastructure
  • Drainage designs

Multispectral Imagery


  • Normalised Difference Vegetation Index calculation
  • Crop health/status
  • Growth monitoring
  • Pest and disease detection
  • Impact of chemical/biological treatments

Thermal Imagery


  • Crop health
  • Water temperature detection
  • Water source identification
  • Livestock and predator detection
  • Surveillance and security

Our project gallery

Crop Watch project example

Crop Watch UAV acquired the images using a multispectral camera with sensors in red, green, near-infrared and red-edge bands.
A single 15 minute flight in grid pattern. 176 images were taken at 120m altitude.  Then spray deployed to designated areas.